fredag 19. august 2011


Trying to write this in English - hopefully understandable.... Wrote this a couple of months ago - but didn't publish it - until now......

This has been a good, lazy Sunday. Haven't done a lot, just a few things I wanted to do....  Started editing the next issue of a newsletter and a few other things - I didn't have to do it, but I enjoyed doing it.

After watching some boring TV series, I went outside with a glass of Cognac and a handful of peanuts. Sat down and noticed the quiet evening. It was almost 11pm, but the sky was still bright - light blue, with some clouds moving - from south west to north east. I observed the clouds moving - silently, but powerful. I couldn't do anything to change it, and I just observed how nature is there - doing it's things - all the time.

Observed the dark trees around our house - making some kind of protective fence, and some birds - silhouettes, moving rapidly between the trees. They didn't sing as they did a few hours before, but were quiet. No sounds, except the noise from a distant car. Nature seems to have the power of being silent....

Observed sitting alone with my Cognac - enjoyed it - was aware of the moment. It was good - just good..

Recalled that I earlier today started reading "Full Catstrophe Living" by John Kabat-Zin - a book about staying in the moment. Is it moments like this he is writing about? Don't know....  I've read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Feels like he is writing about just this - awareness - now...

Observed the stillness - just sitting quietly and watching the daylight go away - sky getting darker, temperature falling. The clouds are gone - just the pale, light blue sky is there, and I'm here - enjoying the moment.

My daughter-in law (living next door) says "hi". I ask if she would like a glass of white wine and have a chat, but she wants to go to bed early. Has helped her friend with a family event and is tired and exhausted.

More stillness - more good moments.... Cognac tastes good, and the daylight goes away.... Trying once more to capture the moment. It IS good - it gives peace of mind - it makes me feel as being.... just being, and it feels good.

My Bodymind tells me to do this more - as often as I can.
My Headmind tells me to tell others how good it is to just be..... in the moment..... NOW.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! This works for me too, and is the easiest and best therapy I know of.